Women consultants hire me to help them make better, faster, data-driven decisions that get them unstuck, gaining traction, and getting booked by higher-paying business clients in the U.S. market.


Women consultants hire me to help them make better, faster, data-driven decisions that get them unstuck, gaining traction, and getting booked by higher-paying business clients in the U.S. market.

Feeling stuck and like you’re grasping at straws trying to figure out why the clients you want aren’t booking and buying your consulting service offer?

Let me ask you…

If I could show you irrefutable proof of the ROOT CAUSE of what’s keeping your target business audience from engaging and buying…

…and personally walk you through creating a plan and taking immediate, corrective action to FINALLY fix the problem…

Would you take me up on that offer?

Right now you might be feeling stuck…like you’re trying to complete a puzzle with missing pieces.

No matter how much you rearrange what you have, the full picture remains elusive.

Now imagine…finding those missing puzzle pieces in a single morning.

That’s what partnering with a B2B insights professional can enable you to do. You’ll uncover the true ROOT CAUSE of the unresponsive leads and slumping sales that have had you stuck for way too long.

Imagine FINALLY getting unstuck and gaining fresh momentum because you have crystal clarity and definitive answers to your two biggest questions:

“Why aren’t people responding and buying?”


“What can I do to bounce back quickly and profitably?”

Just imagine, no more…

…second-guessing yourself, wondering if you’re missing something obvious…

…spending weeks (okay, maybe months) posting questions in Facebook groups and struggling to implement random advice from people who know nothing about you or your business…

…being ghosted after reaching out with your tailored pitches, proposals, and follow-ups…

…wondering if your approach is off-target, if your offerings are compelling enough, or if there’s a missing link in your communication…

…changing and rearranging all kinds of things in your business and marketing, willy-nilly.

It’s TOTALLY possible for you…

Together, let’s break down and remove that wall you keep hitting trying to figure out why people aren’t responding, booking, and buying.

The key to quick and effective results lies in pinpointing the root cause of these obstacles.

Once we identify the barriers, we’ll create a plan for using tailored U.S. market data and insights to tackle them one at a time.

This strategic approach is how you’ll pave the way for responsive leads and steady sales.

And here’s the best part: My R.I.S.E. Ready Diagnostic Intensive is designed to fast-track this entire process.

Book a Half-Day Diagnostic & Strategic Planning Session

Mockup of Intensive tools and deliverables



What you get…

Here’s what you’ll receive during our engagement:

  • Access to my proprietary R.I.S.E. Ready Diagnostic Assessment
  • R.I.S.E. Ready Report Card (30 pages of expert insights and recommendations providing clarity and guidance on the impact of your responses to your business)
  • Half-Day Zoom Session (up to 4-hours) for collaborative Strategic Action Plan Development and implementation
  • Recorded audio/video of the entire Zoom session (for your download, use, and benefit after the Intensive concludes).
  • BONUS B2B research essentials mini-course
  • BONUS 14-Day Post-Intensive Chat Support via ClickUp for questions, accountability, and continued implementation support

Think of this Diagnostic Intensive as your personal space for deep reflection and focused action-taking. I’ve designed it to give you the tools and EVIDENCE-based support you need to see your challenges in a new light.

Together, we’ll use real data to reevaluate your strategies and sharpen your understanding of your U.S.-based audience.

With God’s help, our goal is to transform the frustration you feel into the triumph of overcoming a significant hurdle.

By the end of our time together, you’ll experience the R.I.S.E. Ready effect — Resilient, Insightful, Strategic, and Empowered.

Get ready to walk away with a renewed sense of achievement and clarity!


FINALLY knowing the ROOT CAUSE of unresponsive leads and slumping sales


Understanding how to capitalize on B2B selling nuance and distinctions


Purposefully creating a strategic plan for taking pivotal action


Positioning and differentiating your offer to stand out and sell consistently

Get Real Results

My evidence-based R.I.S.E. framework uncovers hidden insights that get you unstuck and making strides to reverse this negative trend

Image showing $11,500 in sales

How it works…

First, let’s say Hi!

Let’s say hello and make sure we’re a perfect fit!

Before you book a session, I need to know all about your business, the challenges you’re facing, your current marketing tools, and your goals.

Meet me in Messenger for a quick intro, and I’ll have you complete my application with all these details.

Book Your Session

Once I check your submission, we’ll reconnect on Messenger. You’ll pick a date for your Half-Day Zoom Session, and complete your purchase.

Onboard + Do Your Pre-Work

Got your date set? Fantastic! Next, I’ll guide you through your very own Client Dashboard. You’ll find everything you need there, including Pre-Work instructions.

Your first task? A simple, 12-question Diagnostic Assessment. Completing and submitting it helps me tailor the Half-Day Strategic Planning Session just for you.

IT’S YOUR DAY: Strategic Action Planning

Get ready for a transformative day! On the day of your Intensive, simply use the Zoom link I’ll send you to enter our private meeting room.

Your earlier assessment results will be our guide as we dive into a focused 4-hour strategic planning session.

Together, we’ll develop an action plan that’s tailored just for your business. It’s all about making big strides in just a few hours!

Work Your Plan (with support)

Our work doesn’t stop when the day ends! After our session, you’ll receive an extra bonus: fourteen days of post-planning session chat support.

This is your golden opportunity to ask questions and get feedback and answers custom-tailored to your business.

With this support, you’re set to keep removing obstacles currently hindering your audience’s engagement and purchases and keep your momentum going.

See how my Diagnostic Intensive gave Rowena the keys she needed to get unstuck and opening corporate doors in the construction industry

I have the ear of more women in the industry…I think this is good momentum. Thank you for listening and your insight. You are my secret weapon.


let’s get you unstuck and ready for results

No need to book a “discovery call.”

Simply click the blue Messenger icon on the right and introduce yourself.

We’ll have a quick chat, and if we’re both jazzed, I’ll give you a link to my application. Easy peasy!

Grace is an angel to work with. Before working with her, I didn’t know how to position my web services. With so many people offering the same things as me, it was a challenge to stand out.

One of the biggest benefits I received was how to position myself to my target audience, without sounding like my competitors. If I had to do it on my own, I would not have covered as much ground as I did with Grace.

Now, I can confidently create my content calendar, I know exactly what to say because I know something that my prospects don’t know, and my own competitors are clueless about. It is empowering to be able to meet business owners at their eye level, giving them insights and even business strategies THEY hadn’t considered.

I recommend that if you have the skill and talent, but hate the ‘marketing’ bits because you sound like everyone else, then you need to jump off the fence and work with Grace. I got a whole new business!

If you need support with business strategy, content marketing, positioning, niche finding and clarity, high-level research to support your business direction, Grace is the person to reach out to.

Hi! I’m Grace.

I’m a card-carrying introvert (INFJ) who enjoys reading, research, and road trips. And during warm weather months, when I’m not working, I love taking to the open road with my husband on the back of his Harley!🥰

When I AM working, I liken what I do—fact-finding and dot-connecting—to a kind of “detective work” (I also enjoy jigsaw puzzles, crime dramas, whodunnits, and psychological thrillers).

I was first introduced to the role and practice of competitor research in pricing products and identifying untapped market opportunities while supporting the Marketing Director of a local parking management company.

Later while studying Marketing at NYU and working on a temporary assignment at the global headquarters of one of the world’s leading beauty companies, I acquired a deeper knowledge of the role and practice of market research, especially when developing new products.

The marketing and competitor research projects I completed helped my team successfully bring new world-class products to market.

In later roles as a senior technical writer, trainer, and IT Subject Matter Expert (SME), my research contributions enabled my employers to build and deploy new proprietary software and systems that improved business performance and met government website compliance requirements.

I also used the data and insights I gathered to design and write a wide range of content to educate, raise awareness, and support strategic planning, website development, proprietary software development, and sales initiatives.

I earned my first income online in 2002, selling an ebook I wrote to help affiliates of a now-defunct ad service increase their sales. I also built a membership site that was profitable and active until 2007.

Desiring to offer professional web services, I returned to college in 2006, and in 2010 I founded A Bright I Creative LLC immediately upon completing my design program.

For the first seven years, I generated revenue primarily through ad sales on my blog and as a human-centered builder/caretaker of WordPress websites for small churches and brick-and-mortar businesses in the U.S.

As I watched the market for website services continue to shift and become more commoditized, I realized my zone of genius and interests better aligned with supporting trained, lead-role digital service professionals in their efforts to differentiate and position their offers, especially to the U.S. business market.

So drawing on those fact-finding and dot-connecting strengths, skills, and abilities I’d acquired through formal training and experience, I undertook a complete “business reboot.”

Today, I provide target market research and B2B marketing consulting services to established professionals selling human-centered web, automation, training, consulting, and other business “growth” services to small businesses and nonprofits in the U.S. market.

I’ve experienced what developing, buying, and selling products and services to consumers and businesses in the U.S. market is like as a private sector employee, government contract worker, freelance service professional, and business owner.

I’ve seen and experienced the role research plays in making plans succeed, and I’ve seen (and personally experienced) the pain of defeat when it’s skipped or gathered and used incorrectly.

I love giving my clients the tools to confidently make evidence-based decisions that capitalize on profitable opportunities they’ve yet to discover.

My collaborative research methods ALWAYS uncover hidden insights my clients need to learn to get unstuck and move forward.

They’ve filled significant knowledge gaps about their chosen slice of the U.S. market and reached their marketing and sales goals faster and with less expense than they would have, working alone in the blind.

Are you ready?